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Top 3 Kafka Streams Challenges

April 11, 2024
We’ve been writing a lot about challenges lately. We recently wrote about API challenges – now we’re discussing challenges with Kafka Streams.  Volt is very big on Kafka, as we specialize in complementing it in a really powerful way to allow enterprises to get the most out of it.  That said, a lot of companies [...]

Announcing Volt Active Data v9.1

August 15, 2019
I'm happy to announce the release of V9.1. In this release, we’ve simplified the integration of Volt Active Data into your application stack by adding more functionality to streaming export. In addition, we’ve made Volt Active Data clusters easier to manage by allowing you to add or remove node “on the fly” without any downtime. [...]
Smart Stream Processing in the Age of 5G

Smart Stream Processing in the Age of 5G

May 17, 2019

In today’s digitally driven world, processing streaming data in real-time is a requirement for business success. The introduction of 5G networks will only increase the data volume and speed requirements that are already putting pressure on traditional data architectures.

Stream Processing with Volt Active Data

3 Benefits of Using a In-Memory NewSQL Data Platform for Smart Stream Processing

April 30, 2019
Traditional pub/sub systems such as Apache Kafka (and their numerous ever evolving stream processing avatars like Apache Samza, Apache Storm, Apache Flink, etc.) work fine for a bunch of simple use cases where there is a need for simple decisions, speed, scale and stability. However, for most real-life business scenarios in industries such as finance, [...]
Volt Active Data Announced v9.0 with Stream Processing

Volt Active Data Announces v9.0

April 11, 2019
We are hard at work on Volt Active Data and are pleased to release V9. This release focuses on new ways to work with the torrents of streaming data that Volt Active Data can ingest, making Volt Active Data the best technology for real-time intelligent decisions on streaming data. We also improved usability, resilience, and [...]

Are Your Policy & Charging Systems Ready to Monetize 5G?

April 01, 2019
As 5G architectures are getting rolled-out, we are seeing a spike in RFPs from the largest mobile operators. The CSPs we are talking to across the globe are racing to modernize their Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) systems with the end goal of monetizing the new revenue opportunities that network slicing delivers. Our 5G [...]
Berlin Buzzwords vlog Volt Active Data

Vlog: The History and Future of the Blurring of Stream Processing & OLTP

August 09, 2017

Recently, our founding Engineer, John Hugg, spoke at Berlin Buzzwords. This vlog contains the video of his presentation there. What’s Covered in this Video? There has been so much noise surrounding advances in analytical systems lately that Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) problems may seem a bit overshadowed. Big data, streaming analytics, machine learning, and even […]

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