Data Platform for Fantasy Sports

Data Platform for Fantasy Sports

Grow revenue and gain competitive advantage with the only no-compromise data platform game-tested for fantasy sports leagues.

Dream11 + Volt Active Data

Four years ago Dream11, the top fantasy sports site in India, selected Volt as the technical foundation for its mission-critical operations and has been racking-up wins ever since:

  • 5.3 million concurrent users
  • 18 million contest joins in 1 match
  • 60 million requests per minute
  • 100 million registered users
Solution Brief

The Fantasy Sports Opportunity

The global fantasy sports market is expected to grow to USD 78.5 billion by 2030. But taking full advantage of this opportunity means being able to support up to millions of concurrent users without the usual glitches, slowdowns, or data inaccuracies that lead players to churn to other leagues and platforms.

But rapidly growing fantasy sports businesses are facing major operational challenges. They need a solution that can scale seamlessly to meet business demands while maintaining the trust of their customers.

Technical Challenges for Fantasy Sports Leagues

Fantasy sports leagues can get really popular, really fast. That’s when they run into trouble with things like:

  1. Supporting tens of thousands of concurrent users without going down or slowing down
  2. Providing hyper-personalized content that keeps users engaged
  3. Accurately counting things like wallet amounts in real time

Handling these challenges requires a special kind of data platform.

Business Overview

Why Volt for Fantasy Sports

Football. Soccer. Baseball. Cricket. The Super Bowl. The World Series. The World Cup. Whatever the sport or league, whatever the surge in traffic or popularity—Volt can handle it.

Fantasy sports businesses choose Volt for…

  • Real-time decisioning
  • “Five-9s” uptime
  • No-compromise scaling with 100% data accuracy

Proven. Tested. Game-Ready.

That’s Volt for Fantasy Sports.

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