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See why Volt Active Data is the best sub-10 millisecond data platform for 5G monetization.

Case in Point: How Volt Active Data Enabled Openet to Scale

Openet handles call authorization and billing for mobile networks all over the world. Their existing database technology was too expensive to license and operate, and was neither cloud nor virtualization friendly.

Learn how they found a data platform that could operate at scale with telco-grade high availability while hitting their long-tail predictable latency target.

Why Volt Active Data is the Best Data Platform for BSS

5G is here. What are you compromising for the sake of scaling? Latency? Accuracy? Both? Telcos need to adapt to 5G, but their legacy systems are buckling under the demand for network agility, new revenue streams, and better customer experience. Read our latest BSS solution brief to learn how Volt Active Data’s no-compromise data platform overcomes the toughest real-time data challenges to support BSS applications in the world of 5G.

Monetizing 5G: 5 Ways Volt Active Data is Transforming BSS

5G is rapidly changing the game for CSPs. As they scramble to support an increasingly demanding customer base and a torrent of new data from applications and devices, their legacy technology is outmatched by the data volume and required data accuracy that modern 5G-driven applications and process automation demand.

Watch our latest video to see how Volt Active Data is transforming BSS with the only no-compromise data platform built to handle the demands of modern policy and charging within the 5G telco infrastructure.

Powering Real-Time Business Support Systems for Telcos

To survive in this ultra-fast and ultra-connected 5G era, telcos need to have a robust framework in place to support real-time decisioning, maximize revenue opportunities, and protect their networks against fraud. Suffice it to say that the shift to real-time BSS data processing is having a massive impact on the industry.

Keep reading to learn more about the important role speed will play in the 5G era, and the underlying tech infrastructure telcos need to build game-changing BSS applications designed to handle the massive volume and variety of 5G.

Check out our additional technical resources to see how Volt Active Data is getting the job done in the era of 5G.

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