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See why Volt Active Data is the best sub-10 millisecond data platform for 5G monetization.

Learn how they found a data platform that could operate at scale with telco-grade high availability while hitting their long-tail predictable latency target.

Watch our latest video to see how Volt Active Data is transforming BSS with the only no-compromise data platform built to handle the demands of modern policy and charging within the 5G telco infrastructure.

Keep reading to learn more about the important role speed will play in the 5G era, and the underlying tech infrastructure telcos need to build game-changing BSS applications designed to handle the massive volume and variety of 5G.

Check out our additional technical resources to see how Volt Active Data is getting the job done in the era of 5G.

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Technical Paper

Why Your Tech Stack Is About to Break (and How to Avoid It)

This paper examines how the expectations of 5G are colliding with traditional software development and deployment to wreak havoc on enterprise’s tech stacks and their related resources.  Download it to…

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Technical Paper


Be careful what you wish for? In the case of telcos…yes. They wanted 5G and they got it, but many are now finding it extremely difficult to keep up with…