Contact Support

If assistance is needed during business hours:

  • Click here to open a ticket with us for all issues

If you have not done so, you can also register via the website in order to create tickets, respond, and manage them to completion.

Ticket should have the following information:

  • Severity Level
  • Environment (Production, Dev, Test, QA)
  • Date and Time of the event (include time zone)
  • Description of the issue
  • Description of any steps taken already to resolve an their outcome
  • Add relevant log files, stack traces, or other artifacts that may assist in diagnosis

After business hours contact:

  • For a critical issue, call Ph +1.339.298.2023

You will be asked to provide a customer contact name and phone number and give a description of the issue being experienced.

If you are unable to use the support ticket system, you can email and supply the same information as listed for a ticket.

NOTE: As of October 1st, 2022, will no longer open a support ticket.

Log into our support ticketing system and click new user to register and open a ticket.

End-of-Life Policy

Volt Active Data Long Term Support (LTS) releases are available once a year and are supported for three (3) years.  All non-LTS releases are supported for one year.

Customers deploying on a non-LTS release should plan on upgrading to an LTS release for that version when it becomes available.

The LTS program is designed to provide a longer term to allow for planning and choice when deploying or scheduling upgrades. Customers should upgrade before their version reaches End-of-Life (EOL).

The following table shows planned releases as of this revision. Future major releases, minor releases, and LTS releases will follow the same pattern.

Volt Version

Release Date

EOL for Fixes

V13 Sept 2023  Sept 2024
V12.3 LTS July 2023  July 2026
V12 Oct 2022  Oct 2023
V11.4 LTS July 2022  July 2025
v11 Aug 2021  Aug 2022
v10.2 LTS May 2021  May 2024
v10 Aug 2020  Aug 2021
v9.3 LTS May 2020  May 2023
v9 April 2019  April 2020

Customers who continue running Volt Active Data software for fixes past EOL will still receive technical support, while upgrading to a currently supported LTS version, at best effort levels only. Any defects that require an update release would only be corrected in an update to a currently-supported LTS release and the customer will need to upgrade to apply the correction. Upgrades to a currently supported LTS version must be completed no later than 6 months from EOL of the existing version.

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