Turn “Industry 4.0” into a reality with real-time control

Identify problems in real time, before they cause downtime

Intelligent manufacturers need to be able to do it all…

Ingest and process sensor data at scale and in real time

Trigger actions to automatically maintain SLAs

Use ML to improve outcomes over time

Achieve 99.999% uptime

Intelligent manufacturers, including and especially auto manufacturers, face a massive and constant flood of data. Their choice? Process it quickly for a huge competitive advantage or get overwhelmed and lose out. Losing out is not an option. In the end, your smart factory is only as smart as the system that controls it. You need a command and control layer that enables you to control your floor’s assets in real time to optimize efficiency and production.

Volt is an enterprise-grade data platform used by telcos and utilities to manage and control their hardware. It can be used as a command and control layer for managing floor robots. While each robot would know its location and immediate goals, Volt would act as a single place where the broader plans for achieving the enterprise’s goals are devised and managed.