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Volt Active Data hosts webinars and sponsors events year-round. See what we’ve been up to below.

Online Transaction Processing has been around for years, but traditionally only handled a few hundred or a couple of thousands of transactions per second. With the rise of connected devices and IIoT, the demands placed on OLTP systems are becoming dramatically higher. In this webinar we’ll dive into Volt’s architecture, and use it as a context to discuss the issues you’ll encounter as you scale OLTP no matter what data platform you actually use.

Big Data London is the UK’s leading event for data, analytics, and AI. This free-to-attend conference and exhibition brings together the Data Community to share best practices, network, and explore the latest tools and techniques for building data-driven businesses. With seminars across 15 theaters, face-to-face consultations with tech providers, and opportunities to see the newest product releases, Big Data LDN is essential for anyone looking to make informed, strategic data decisions. Don’t miss out on this invaluable networking and learning experience!

One of the biggest challenges facing CSPs today is identifying which metrics are most representative of a customer’s experience and how to combine them for customer facing teams and network operations to proactively act upon them. It is critical to have a comprehensive computation model for measuring CX value accurately that not only takes into account real-time signals on customer sentiment across operations (Chat conversations, POS, Social, Network Usage and Back-end systems) but also the subscription and usage behavior dynamics in response to various network and CX transformation initiatives.

An objective analysis into CX Value creation provides actionable insights for various customer facing teams to adapt their decisions and actions for optimizing returns on CX investment.

In this webinar with Flytxt we will discuss:

  • How does AI improve customer experiences across high speed, low latency networks?
  • What are the components of a successful CX value measurement framework? How to bring in actionability?
  • How near real-time network KPI measurement and Generative AI-driven actions can elevate customer experiences?
  • What are some of the winning use cases in CX Value measurement?

Telcos and vendors have invested significantly in their private network offerings over the past few years. This has seemed a safe bet, with private networks promising to accelerate digital transformation across verticals, and therefore offering telcos a way to monetize 5G in the enterprise space.

However, the market has not achieved the growth that many providers had bet on in recent years. While there has been a lot of activity, the vast majority of deployments have been PoCs and only a limited number have scaled to commercial, production level… So, what can telcos and their partners do to overcome the barriers to scale and accelerate the market – realizing a portion of the promised billion-dollar opportunity?

In this on-demand webinar, we explore how providers can capitalize on the opportunity by overcoming supply and demand side barriers to drive scale in the market. The key questions we answer include:

  • Which use cases and verticals have been driving growth in 2023?
  • What are the critical supply side barriers to growth?
  • What are the demand side barriers to growth and concerns prospective customers are raising?
  • How can providers overcome these barriers to accelerate the market and capture their share?

In this recorded webinar, we partnered with Redpanda to discuss the critical concept of end-to-end latency, exploring its importance across various edge and IoT applications, from payment processing and industrial automation to smart cities and early anomaly detection.

Taking advantage of 5G networking and edge computing for maximum performance, reliability, and security means making critical decisions about which workloads should stay on-prem or be diverted to the cloud. In this RCR Wireless on-demand webinar, we cover the underlying issues and constraints driving those decisions and how enterprises should navigate to determine the right solution for their needs.

This STL Partners webinar explores the basics of an edge IoT platform, the verticals and use cases gaining traction, as well as the case studies where these are beginning to turn into live deployments.

This TDWI webinar will discuss extreme real-time use cases and how modern data platforms can help.

This STL Partners webinar will explore the basics of an edge IoT platform, the verticals and use cases currently gaining traction, as well as the case studies where these are beginning to turn into live deployments.

Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) is foundational to 5G services to drive the next wave of innovation in enterprise and manufacturing: low-latency, massive device density, and more. Optimizing the telco cloud to deliver these new services starts at the 5G Core and goes to the farthest edge. This webinar looks at the current state of MEC to understand how to get the most out of the edge when milliseconds matter.

Edge computing – and more specifically multi-access edge computing (MEC) – has been identified by telecoms operators as a major opportunity, particularly when used in conjunction with 5G. While there is no shortage of 5G MEC use cases there is a distinct lack of business cases.​ This webinar explores the plans that operators have committed to edge deployments and the business models and partnerships behind them.​

5G Standalone (5G SA) gives operators new agility and scale, unlocking the full range of 5G services. Going cloud-native presents a myriad of technical and operational challenges, and operators globally have been slow to deploy 5G SA networks. This RCR Wireless and Acentury webinar examines what moving to cloud-native means for network operators.

New revenue opportunities (e.g. 5G, edge computing) are emerging for telecoms operators, but their technology ecosystems are becoming more complex. To realise maximum benefit from these opportunities, operators must prioritise efforts and optimise how they orchestrate their increasingly interconnected underlying systems. This STL Partners webinar explores where operators could grow and orchestration’s role in making this growth a reality.

This VanillaPlus webinar with FlyTxt discusses how AI and Edge are creating new revenue opportunities from hyper-personalization, along with key considerations for optimizing your customer engagement strategy to maximize CX and Customer Lifetime Value.

This TM Forum 2-hour workshop discusses, why activex3 (and beyond) going to be necessary, why 2 data centers will not be enough, and what the business benefits from this opportunity will be.

This RCR Wireless webinar aims to address one of the biggest questions around 5G: How do you monetize it? Thanks to technological advancements, spectrum access liberalization and changing user habits and demand, there are emerging opportunities — and challenges — for operators to transform their business from a connectivity provider to a holistic end-to-end solutions provider.

Network slicing promises to provide new ways for telcos to monetise their networks by enabling innovative, tailored solutions for customers in key industry verticals. However, to maximise value from this, telcos will need to take steps now to prepare their technology, organisation, and revenue models. This STL Partners webinar, explores the network slicing monetisation opportunity.

This STL Partners webinar explores how and why telco IT systems must evolve to drive value with 5G.

This joint HPEVolt webinar explores how, and why, Policy Control Function (PCF) has evolved from Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF), how communications service providers (CSPs) are beginning to adapt their policy and charging functionality for use in new 5G use cases, and why acting on data in real-time is critical for CSPs to meet Quality of Service (QoS) SLAs for enterprise 5G customers.

This TM Forum panel webinar discusses the solid growth in IoT, security and cloud services, and how the technologies used in those categories can kickstart a wealth of new B2B opportunities in the 5G era.

This TM Forum webinar explores what operators need to do to get the most value out of their 5G data and how they can become valuable partners in new 5G and edge ecosystems.

This TM Forum webinar looks into 5G use cases and explore which horizontal 5G capabilities offer the best opportunities for monetization