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Profit from real-time mediation in the age of 5G.

Why Volt Active Data is the Best Data Platform for Telco Mediation

Real-time billing mediation is the new standard, but to achieve true real-time mediation you need a data platform that can handle rapid streams of data at scale without compromising on data accuracy.

Read this solution brief to learn:

  • Why enterprises are struggling with billing mediation
  • The role of ultra-reliable low-latency communications
  • How Volt Active Data specifically supports modern billing mediation systems

Volt Active Data Billing Mediation

As telcos and other communication service providers evolve their offerings, they are increasingly seeing their data infrastructures begin to crumble under the volume, variety, and velocity of 5G and IoT data.

Watch our latest video to see how Volt Active Data is the only data platform built for real-time mediation in the age of 5G.

Powering Real-Time Mediation for Telcos

We live in an age of network slicing, modular pricing structures, and shrinking user attention spans. As the number of data processing scenarios proliferate wildly with the number of data inputs from an increasingly connected world, telcos are finding themselves at a unique crossroads. On one hand, they have a chance to capitalize on their data like never before. On the other hand, they risk experiencing data (and revenue) loss like never before, as their data streams turn into data torrents that threaten to topple their legacy infrastructures.

This paper explains how Volt Active Data addresses today’s most challenging mediation use cases.

Check out our additional technical resources to see how Volt Active Data is getting the job done in the era of 5G.

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