Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

Stop fraud before it even happens with a fast-decisioning data platform made for 5G.

You now have less than 10 milliseconds to make crucial, fraud-preventing decisions.


Within a few short years, the combination of 5G and IoT will make today’s level of data volume, velocity, and variety seem almost trivial.


Today’s fraudsters have way more attack surfaces, and machine-to-machine communication is giving them far more entry channels and ways to up their game.


By the time you react, you’ve already lost revenue and the fraudsters have already won. Legacy solutions only increase your security vulnerabilities.

Prevent fraud with in-event, real-time decisioning

When it comes to fraud detection and prevention, far too many enterprises have slipped into—or are still in—reactive mode.

The problem is, reconciliation doesn’t prevent revenue leakage; it only lets you know that there has already been a leak.

Only proactive, real-time fraud prevention via big data and machine learning can protect today’s enterprises from severe data breaches.

Business Overview

Volt Active Data — the only data platform built for fraud prevention in the 5G age

Volt Active Data’s ability to ingest millions of individual events per second and update an in-memory contextual model of user activity means the phones on both sides of the call get checked for numerous forms of suspicious behavior during the call setup process, preventing fraudulent calls from ever being connected.

The machine learning model gets better with every call, continuously updating behavior algorithms and increasing the success rate of fraud prevention.

Volt Active Data is also designed to help enterprises prevent and protect against credit card fraud, ad bot fraud, IIoT network intrusion, and DDoS attacks.

Read our paper, Powering Real-Time Fraud Prevention for Telcos, to learn how Volt Active Data helps telcos proactively prevent revenue leakage while still processing data the instant it is created for maximum value.

Why Leading Telcos Rely on Volt Active Data for Real-Time Fraud Prevention

Volt Active Data’s approach to fraud prevention is:

  • Agile
  • Flexible
  • Insanely fast

Check out our Fraud Prevention in the Age of 5G infographic to learn why Volt is the only no-compromise data platform built for real-time fraud prevention in the age of 5G.

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