High Availability

High Availability

Keep your data layer running at “five 9s” (99.999%) availability even when hardware components fail.

IT Downtime Costs an Average of $5,600 Per Minute*

FIVE NINES AVAILABILITY is what’s required to keep serving (and hence, keep) your customers.

The High Availability Challenge

Downtime is damaging to everything: your infrastructure, your customers, and your bottom line.

Traditional monolithic systems attempt to provide high availability by replicating data to a backup system, but this approach introduces switchover downtime and, more importantly, data loss.

Most distributed systems resort to “eventual consistency” to provide high availability, which helps with the switchover downtime but doesn’t solve the data loss issue.

How Volt Active Data Provides High Availability

Volt ensures consistent high availability—without switchover downtime or data loss—via intra-cluster command and data processing replication.

This means that if a node in a cluster fails, operations get seamlessly and automatically switched over to the node with the copy of the data, thus eliminating switchover downtime.

And because the replication is synchronous between the copies within a cluster, Volt also eliminates the possibility of data loss.

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