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Stack Simplification


Volt is the only data platform that enables companies to capitalize on real-time data at scale, without sacrificing performance.

Maximize the Value of Your Streaming Data with Active(SD)

The ever-increasing volume and sources of streaming data are overwhelming traditional data platforms. Apache Kafka has become synonymous with streaming data, but scaling it and addressing its challenges can be daunting. Constant rebalancing, mid-batch errors, and inefficient consumer workloads are common issues in the world of streaming data. Volt’s Active(SD) is the key to making sense of your streaming data and maximizing its value. Active(SD) empowers you to make complex, real-time decisions on your streaming data, at scale, without downtime. With Volt Active(SD), you can capitalize on the influx of data instead of being overwhelmed by it, ensuring your business stays agile and responsive in the face of the data deluge.

Edge-Optimized Real-Time Data

In a world driven by low-latency demands and the potential of edge computing, simplifying your tech stack is paramount to unlocking the full potential of edge data. To stay competitive, you must process data as close to its source as possible, quickly and cost-effectively. Volt lets you harness the full value of edge computing at a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Unlike traditional approaches, Volt operates with server-side logic, minimizing network calls and ensuring data integrity. By sending aggregated, actionable data to your data center instead of raw data, Volt enables real-time decision-making while cutting data movement costs and optimizing your machine learning engine.

In-Event AI + ML Monetization

Traditional AI/ML models often falter in real-world scenarios, struggling to adapt to dynamic data and latency demands. Volt bridges this gap by offering a high-performance, scale-out data platform that tracks the state of data at the event level in real time. It seamlessly integrates with any deterministic, JVM-compatible AI/ML model, ensuring models stay updated, making every decision smarter than the last, and allowing you to fully monetize your AI and ML.

Active(N) for Triple-Active Cross Data Center Replication

When data centers go down, so do your applications. Most data platforms can’t guarantee “five 9s” availability because they can only replicate data across two data centers. With Volt, you can count on high availability at all times thanks to our unique, triple-active cross data center geo-replication. Our active-active-active geo-replication provides complete conflict resolution at both the database level and application level, allowing enterprise-grade networks to avoid losing data when their data centers go down.

Where We Sit in the Stack

Volt Active Data is a data platform built to make your entire tech stack leaner, faster, and less expensive, so that your applications (and your company) can scale seamlessly to meet the ultra-low latency SLAs of 5G, IoT, edge computing, and whatever comes next.

Designed to augment your existing big data investments, such as NoSQL, Hadoop, Kubernetes, Kafka, and traditional databases or data warehouses, Volt Active Data replaces the various layers typically required to make contextual decisions on streaming data with a single, unified layer that can handle ingest to action in less than 10 milliseconds.

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