Category: Private 5G networks

Balancing Low Latency, High Availability, and Cloud Choice

May 15, 2024
Balancing Low Latency, High Availability and Cloud Choice Cloud hosting is no longer just an option — it’s now, in many cases, the default choice.  But the cloud computing market, having grown to a whopping $483.9 billion, may finally be starting to slow down in the face of companies refusing to fully abandon their in-house [...]

What is a Private 5G Network?

April 25, 2024
To move as fast as they can at scale while protecting mission-critical data, more and more organizations are investing in private 5G networks, also known as private cellular networks or just “private 5G” (not to be confused with virtual private networks, which are something totally different).  According to one recent report, the private 5G network [...]
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