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Announcing Volt Active Data v8.4!

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Happy New Year! To ring in 2019, we have a new version of Volt Active Data available to you with some new features and improvements that we think you’re going to like. Here are a few:

Command Completion for SQL

Typing syntactically correct SQL and DDL just got easier in the preview of our newest command-line tool, voltsql. It has command completion that knows Volt Active Data’s SQL and DDL syntax and remembers your table and column names. This is a preview and may still have a few quirks to work out, so let us know what you think.

Volt Active Data community .jar file in Maven central repository

We’ve just added the community voltdb .jar file to the Maven central repository, making it easier than ever for you to develop and test Java stored procedure code in your Java IDEs and CI infrastructure.

Improvements to Export

Export streams now have their own statistics selector. The new EXPORT Statistics selector lists export sources and targets and their lags times, current status, and buffered row counts. In addition, we have improved the durability of buffered export rows, fixing a few issues that could occur when a node crashed and it’s disk-based export overflow was not recoverable.

Orderly node stoppage

voltadmin stop now leverages the V8.3 partition leader migration feature to move the leader before stopping the node. This might sound like a small thing, but this orderly migration can prevent your client code from getting “Connection lost” errors during planned node maintenance. You can use the –force argument to stop the node immediately if necessary.

Performance Improvements

  • The USING TTL feature for tables is now tunable, allowing adjustment to the batch size and delete frequency to keep up with tables that have high frequency inserts.
  • TLS/SSL encryption can now take advantage of OpenSSL if it is installed on your servers or clients. We’ve seen speedups on all our tests, sometimes as much as 4x faster than the older code that used the default TLS encryption shipped with JDK8.

Volt Active Data Quick Reference Guide

Check out the new Quick Reference page for easy lookup of Volt Active Data’s syntax for SQL, DDL, SQL Functions, CLI args and System Procedures.

For a full list of V8.4 features and fixes, visit our Release Notes. If you have questions or feedback, drop a note to support@voltactivedata.com.

Download Volt Active Data V8.4 and give it a try.

Ruth Morgenstein