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Dr. Michael Stonebraker Shares his Vision, Knowledge, and Predictions on 5G

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5G and Fast Data

Dr. Michael Stonebraker is widely considered as the founder of the modern database. In 2015 he won the prestigious A. M. Turing Award for fundamental contributions to the concepts and practices underlying modern database systems. He has also founded numerous database companies, including Ingres, Tamr, Vertica, and Volt Active Data.

Dr. Stonebraker’s research in 2005 predicted an exponential rise in the velocity of data. He predicted that cpu, memory and sensors would become increasingly affordable over time causing a more connected world creating a data tsunami needing to be addressed. The existing “store and query” OLTP databases would increasingly fall short of keeping up with the increased data velocity.

With the arrival of 5G, Dr. Stonebraker’s prediction for the high velocity data is becoming a reality: 5G promises data rates 100x of 4G, network latency of under 1 millisecond, supports 1 million devices/sq. km., and promises 99.999% availability of the network. These 5G requirements mandate a more intelligent stream processing database that can make real-time decisions on incoming event data. In his technical paper Dr. Stonebraker talks about:

  • the future of databases, and
  • the database architecture necessary for real-time data processing in the 5G era.

Download your copy of this visionary’s most recent technical paper, now!

David Rolfe