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Use one of our sandboxes to experience for yourself why Volt Active Data is the data platform of choice for leading enterprises around the world.

Test Volt Active Data’s sub-10 millisecond decision making capabilities to understand how you can tap into new revenue streams by unlocking the full value of your data in motion. 

Our Sandboxes





Charging Sandbox


Modern charging applications require a whole new type of data platform—one that can make tens of thousands of charging decisions around pre-paid credit usage within a few milliseconds.

Try our charging sandbox to simulate up to 200,000 simultaneous users and assess how Volt Active Data addresses the entire user lifecycle for policy applications, from creating new users to adding credit to reserving and reporting quota.

Billing Mediation Sandbox


Dynamic, real-time pricing models are practically table-stakes now. A good billing mediation system competently addresses the pricing and data usage needs of its customers. A great one proactively identifies errors to prevent inaccurate invoicing, notifies customers when usage thresholds are reached, scales seamlessly with your organization’s growth, and provides intelligent, nuanced pricing options that let you increase revenue, attract new customers, and better-retain existing customers. 

Try our billing mediation sandbox to experience first-hand the power of the Volt Active Data Platform for supporting powerful, real-time billing mediation solutions.

Customer Management Sandbox


Few things are more beautiful than the right offer to the right customer at the right time. But pulling this off is becoming increasingly difficult in the face of higher latency standards, exploding data volumes, and faster and more varied streams of data. And yet, those same challenges are also presenting incredible new opportunities to use real-time data for revenue generation and prevention of revenue loss.

Try our customer management sandbox to directly investigate how the Volt Active Data Platform empowers context-specific offers on high volumes of fast data in motion without compromising on data accuracy or consistency.

Policy Sandbox


5G, IoT, and edge computing are combining to make network policy more complicated and challenging than ever. Without the right kind of data platform to support your policy applications, you risk losing out to other companies that can seamlessly handle their device networks with low latency and high accuracy.

Try our policy sandbox to explore Volt Active Data’s capabilities around policy applications, including our ability to process hundreds of thousands of records per second while still allowing users to inspect individual sessions in real time and to provide immediately consistent answers at mass scale.

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