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IoT Day

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Today is Internet of Things (IoT) Day, a day that marks a significant change in how we work, how we control our homes, how we drive, how most everything is made and how most everything else in our lives is changing. All of this change is being driven by the Tsunami of omnipresent data in our daily lives.

The Internet – a product of the 1960s-era ARPANET in combination with Sir Tim Berners-Lee’ World Wide Web – has created the perfect storm for connectivity, providing the foundation off of which the Internet of Things is exploding.

In little more than 40 years, we’ve gone from a world of K-spec black rotary telephones to ubiquitous mobile phones, typewriters to laptops and tablets, network TV to Netflix. Our round Honeywell thermostats have been replaced by smart home systems, easily managed by the apps on our smart phones. We live in a world of smart everything – we’re always on, always connected, and always creating data.

Companies have been collecting data for decades, but only recently has the value of that data been broadly accessible for an organization. Today, the challenge is no longer the capture of your data, but rather how to monetize your data in a manner that is both meaningful and impactful for your business. It is the promise of that value that is driving Internet of Things; data is the lifeblood of IoT.

The concept of IoT is simple: connect all the things to the Internet so that automation and decision processes are streamlined, so their impact is immediate. Experts believe the possibilities yielded by IoT are bounded only by our imaginations. When you look at the rate and pace of change occurring, it is hard to argue.

IoT has linked consumers and companies in ways never before imagined, creating the opportunity to leverage smart data the moment it is created. Today’s smart enterprises are realizing the value of fast smart data for improving customer relationships. They capture the value and impact in personalizing online interactions, making instant, contextual offers to customers. With the IoT we have Smart Cities using sensor data from smart meters to save energy, water and conserve other natural resources. We have connected cars, able to manage your smart home from a distance; we are well on our way to smart everything. The possibilities seem endless, the experts are right – let our imaginations lead us into this new smart frontier.

Volt Active Data is on the front lines of IoT, being deployed in applications around the world for smart energy, smart homes and smart transportation. Our founder, Dr. Michael Stonebraker, envisioned an architecture purpose-built for the data processing demands of IoT. One of the first questions Mike asked me when I met him was what did I know about IoT? That was a four years ago, and a prescient question that presaged the reality we see today.

IoT Day, which may not mean much to most, will grow in significance as more devices are connected, as more data is created, as more people demand instant results in their interactions with businesses and brands.

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