Five Things We Are Very Grateful For

Five Things We Are Very Grateful For

November 23, 2021

One great thing (of many) about working in the data management space: there’s never a lack of twists and turns to keep things interesting. As Americans settle in with their families to give thanks for the things they are happy to have in their lives, I thought it would be a good idea to do the same for Volt Active Data and think about the things we are grateful for, after a year of many twists and turns that were all positive and, in many ways, game-changing for us. 

So without further ado, here’s that list—the five things we are very grateful for right now. 

1. New hires

This year we made a number of key hires who bring a wealth of telco-industry experience and knowledge. These hires will be critically important for Volt Active Data continuing to scale its business globally as we enable communications service providers and the various companies they work with to take full advantage of 5G technology. 

They include:

  • Dikra Rosado, who has taken charge of Volt Active Data’s major accounts, all of which have opportunities to greatly expand their telco-world reach and capabilities through Volt Active Data technology. Before joining Volt Active Data, Dikra was in charge of the T-Mobile account at Nokia. Dikra has also worked at Ericsson and has a Master of Science (MSc) in Telecommunications Engineering.
  • Jennifer Brunsden, who is focusing on continuing to grow Volt Active Data’s presence in Northern Europe. Jennifer brings eight years of telco-specific experience, previously working in the BSS and identity management domains for both AsiaInfo and Amdocs, where she oversaw large telco accounts such as Telenor and Liberty Global.
  • Andrew Keene, who is leading Product Management for Volt Active Data and working closely with engineering, marketing, and sales functions, as well as a number of key clients. Andrew has extensive experience within the telecommunications industry, having commenced his working life as an engineer building rating engines in C before spending several years with Vodafone Ireland, then moving into product management with Openet, and most recently, Matrixx.
  • Biplab Banerjee, who is working as a Pre-Sales Technical Consultant, serving as a trusted advisor for our customers in the India region. He joins Volt Active Data from Ericsson, where he served as the delivery lead, implementing BSS solutions for leading communications service providers (CSPs). Prior to that, he worked at Amdocs, IBM, and Mann Automation.

We’re thrilled to have Dikra, Jennifer, Andrew, and Biplab on board and can’t wait to see the value they will bring to our customers. 

2. New office

We made a local move this year, from one area of Bedford, Massachusetts to another—short in distance but big in meaning and changes. Our new offices are bigger, better, and more adapted to the way the working world has changed over the last few years. The new space gives us more opportunity to collaborate and align in person as we build our business and bring more 5G-enabling solutions to the telco world. 

3. New technology and capabilities

This year we introduced exciting new technology and capabilities that will be of business-critical value to any enterprise needing to build flexible, scalable, secure applications that rely on 5G data. 

These new capabilities include:

  • Active-Active-Active Cross Data Center Replication (XDCR) via Active(N)™, which allows us, or rather, you, to ensure you always have a working data center to keep your applications running, even if a backup data center goes down. ActiveN replicates data across three or more data centers at once so that even if a second data center goes down while the first data center is undergoing planned maintenance, you still have a data center to use. ActiveN has upped the standard for XDCR and made it possible for telcos to protect their operations and promise a level of service uptime and reliability that they simply couldn’t before. 
  • Various V11 updates, including Volt Active Data Topics, which provide the intelligent streaming of Volt Active Data’s existing import and export capabilities, but with the flexibility of Kafka-like streams, support for Python 3.6., new Kubernetes capabilities, and various Java client interface improvements

Between the V11 updates and ActiveN, we have taken our telco 5G world capabilities to the next level. 

4. New customers

We have added a number of new global customers this year, along with significant growth in several industry-leading clients, making it clear that the market is coming to us because we are uniquely positioned to be able to offer a data platform that is designed specifically for telcos to take full advantage of 5G technology via powerful applications. 

5. The world adjusting to a new normal

Finally, it would be hard to create any kind of gratitude list right now without touching on the challenges and changes the world as a whole has faced over the last 12 to 18 months. 

We’ve lived through very tough times that have led to massive changes in the way we think about many things, including the worlds of work and technology. The world is now more distributed and reliant on network uptime than ever, making technology such as Volt Active Data’s more important than ever. 

We’re proud of our own resiliency through these times and the resiliency of so many other industries and companies that have found a way to adapt and find their way through. While we are nowhere near the end, we have come a long way and learned a lot. Real change only comes with real challenges, and we—as in the collective “we”, not just Volt Active Data—have faced these challenges with poise and bravery. 


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