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How HPE’s Communications Technology Group Will Accelerate 5G Adoption and Mastery for Telcos

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In February, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) launched a new Enterprise Communications Technology Group (CTG) to help telcos and enterprises capitalize on the 5G opportunity.

As a partner of HPE, the Volt Active Data team couldn’t be more excited about this development and what it means for organizations looking to unlock the full value of 5G.

HPE CTG offers one of the broadest telco partner portfolios in the industry — one that spans infrastructure, software, and services. As such, HPE is now uniquely positioned to help telcos modernize their infrastructure and product offerings so they can evolve and compete in the 5G era.

Building off this announcement, HPE has also unveiled the HPE Open RAN Solution Stack, featuring the HPE ProLiant DL110 Gen10 Plus Server. This Open RAN workload-optimized server enables global commercial deployment for Open RAN at scale across global 5G networks. The HPE Open RAN Solution Stack complements the HPE 5G Core Stack, which the company launched in March 2020.

The bottom line? HPE is delivering a leading-edge solution that puts customers in a great position to capitalize on what promises to be a transformative technology: 5G.

Why this matters

Telcos and enterprises have lots of reasons to be excited about 5G — particularly when considering its massive market potential. The U.S. 5G services market is projected to continue growing 43.9% each year through 2027, when it will reach a whopping $414.5 billion. As this happens, 5G is going to revolutionize the way telcos and enterprises operate.

At present, 5G is still very much in its nascent stage. Currently, the majority of telcos are moving away from legacy infrastructure toward cloud-native platforms that are open and built using modular software components from different providers.

Suffice it to say that this is no small undertaking. Success requires telcos to break down their borders and embrace a larger ecosystem of trusted partners.

The message is clear: Telcos can’t act like islands when it comes to 5G.

Making the leap forward into the 5G era requires assistance from trusted technology partners, and that’s where HPE’s CTG will be particularly helpful.

HPE and Volt Active Data: A dynamic duo for 5G success

Volt Active Data is proud to partner with HPE as the company continues to make strides in the 5G arena.

Volt Active Data is tightly integrated with HPE, providing a number of enabling database management services for the organization.

For example, HPE uses Volt Active Data’s ACID-compliant data platform to power their enhanced Internet Usage Manager (eIUM). HPE is also using Volt Active Data for policy and charging rules function (PCRF) optimization, which is a core functionality of business support systems (BSS) and a key revenue driver for telcos.

Volt Active Data helps HPE by providing a framework for transferring, analyzing, and acting on real-time network policy and online charging data. The data platform enables instant and reliable visibility into how much credit a user has at any given moment in time, helping HPE effectively bill, charge, and monetize subscriber engagements with lightning speed and pinpoint precision. By using Volt Active Data, HPE can configure and advertise offers faster and stay on top of evolving rating and charging requirements.

These are just a few of the many ways that HPE is using Volt Active Data to process and monetize data. New use cases are constantly arising and the two companies are working closely together to identify and deploy 5G-ready solutions to the benefit of companies looking to maximize this opportunity.

Why telcos choose to work with Volt Active Data

Ultimately, it comes down to performance.

For starters, Volt Active Data enables real-time, sub-10 millisecond in-event decisioning using an in-memory, cloud-native NewSQL data platform. Volt Active Data also offers active-active cross data center replication and is capable of handling complex logic. It’s also backed by a professional-grade support team that’s committed to helping clients achieve stability and simplicity in their stacks and deployments.

Add it all up, and the end result is a powerful solution that offers superior performance at scale with ultra-low total cost of ownership, without compromising on data accuracy. This is why more and more organizations agree that Volt Active Data is the only data platform that’s capable of bringing telcos into the age of 5G.

For more information on how Volt Active Data can help your organization get the most out of the 5G era, check out Volt Active Data’s capabilities.

Mark Simborg