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Volt Active Data v7.4 Released

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Exciting news – this Volt Active Data v7.4 release has the first batch of contributions by our summer interns! Here are some of the improvements and features in the release:

  • DR/XDCR – in a multi-cluster environment, you can now ask a cluster to drop out with 1 command, voltadmin dr drop.  We also added a new DRPRODUCER stat to help you gauge how replication is flowing.
  • Csvloader – now accepts files with non-UTF8 character  sets.  It also now allows unprintable characters as column separators – both intern contributions!
  • sqlcmd can now batch multiple files, not just multiple statements- another intern contribution!
  • Compatibility – You can now convert BigDecimal to Integer types (a nice feature when JDBC loading from other databases).  Yet another intern contribution!

As always, a full accounting of features and fixes is available on our docs site in the Release Notes section.


Ruth Morgenstein