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The Fast Data Superpower

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How many of us dreamed of having a superpower growing up? Be honest. I know for me it was flying. I bet everyone has a superpower they’d like to have.

At Volt Active Data we have a saying: make fast data work. We’ve put that into practice for all our clients, and they’ve developed some very cool, next gen applications that are disrupting their markets. For example, we helped Emagine International achieve a 253% increase in mobile offer purchases with their Real-time Event Decisioning (ERED) platform.

Emagine’s offering is a superpower for real-time personalization. We decided to ask our customers about which “superpowers” they wish they had that would reflect their business aspirations and highlight other disruptive forces.

So we asked the question, “What would you want as your fast data superpower?”

The results are really interesting. What we saw was striking; each industry identified different powers they wish they had.

Financial services wanted hyper-personalization; telecom leaned toward resource management. Whichever power you’re looking for with your fast data, let Volt Active Data help. And check out the data visualization of the results:


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