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Why the Innovators of Data-Intensive Apps Use the Cloud

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I recently met with a bunch of Volt Active Data customers. These are companies in the business of data and developing the next generation of applications – they are at the forefront of an economy driven by data and the datafication of just about everything.

When I talked with these customers, I was struck by the fact that while they all operate in different industries and different geographies with very different products and services, they all have the same concerns.

They need to rapidly deploy services, realize time to value, and scale their IT infrastructures. And, most of them use the cloud as a competitive differentiator.

Why? Because the cloud provides the infrastructure flexibility and capacity faster and at a lower cost than building capacity in their data centers.

But the benefits of buying capacity in the cloud go well beyond flexibility and capacity. It also improves analytics speed and performance.

I’ve seen the numbers on the before and after. The business results speak volumes about the possibilities of new technology. Leveraging the cloud and running Volt Active Data, these businesses achieve superior results compared to the competition.

One customer, Emagine, a marketing software provider for telcos, processes billions of events per day and 250K transactions per second. They deliver event-based offers to customers in under 250 milliseconds, all with minimal hardware, via the cloud and Volt Active Data. Airpush, a mobile advertising platform serving 150K apps and the world’s leading advertisers, reduced its server infrastructure costs by 80% with the same approach.

MaxCDN, a content delivery network based in LA, manages the real-time aggregation of 32 TB of web server log data daily. They use only a tenth of the CPU cycles they would have with alternate solutions. They also reduced their reliance on managed environments by two-thirds, and achieved a big win for customer profitability and satisfaction with 100% billing accuracy.

From a gaming platform customer (deltaDNA) serving 100K gamers and targeting contextual offers in milliseconds to the 1% of users who actually make purchases, to customers who will have deployed smart sensors in 60 million locations by the end of 2016, the need is clear for a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure that can handle enormous quantities of Fast Data.

The business case for the cloud in this data-driven market stands on its own.

If you are considering the cloud or are interested in seeing how yours stands up, I suggest looking at the numbers in Volt Active Data’s recent cloud benchmark study. Then give us a call – we’d be happy to discuss how to move your Fast Data application to Volt Active Data and the Cloud.

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