451 Research Report “Points & Polygons: Volt Active Data adds Geospatial Support with v6.0”

451 Research Report “Points & Polygons: Volt Active Data adds Geospatial Support with v6.0”

February 15, 2016

Jason Stamper, lead analyst at 451 Research, reported today on Volt Active Data’s newest software release, v6.0. As Stamper points out, v6.0 builds on the foundation of Volt Active Data’s in-memory, massively parallel architecture. In today’s data-intensive world, your business is only as fast as your database.

We’re thrilled that 451 Research decided to highlight our newest release. We take great pains to understand market needs and deliver the tools to help you advance your enterprise to the next level of data management. Volt Active Data is purpose-built to scale transactions and analytics linearly across nodes while maintaining data consistency and high availability. We think that’s pretty cool – and v6.0 is another example of how we’re staying on top of our game to help you with yours.

What’s new in v6.0? Key new features include geospatial support; improved fast data ingestion and export connections to the Hadoop ecosystem, including enhanced, built-in Apache Kafka importers; and cross data center “active/active” replication to improve availability and disaster recovery. Customers in mobile, media and entertainment, financial services, IoT and more are taking advantage of these new features to build faster, smarter applications while simplifying system architecture.

The 451 Take on Volt Active Data v6.0:

Combining the location of a customer, staff or ‘thing’ with real-time intelligence could give organizations a competitive advantage – businesses could then make personalized offers to customers or make productivity improvements in other areas of their business. For that reason, adding geospatial support to Volt Active Data, which was already a fast transactional database that combines SQL and Java support with ACID compliance, makes it a particularly attractive prospect for companies building applications that need low latency and have a geographic dimension.

From the report: “By combining geospatial with fast data, Volt Active Data is enabling organizations to maximize the value of real-time data streams that now include location, turning insights into actions that drive business growth.” Analysis: Jason Stamper, 451 Research.

Check out the full 451 Research report on Volt Active Data v6.0 at: https://www.voltactivedata.com/451report

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