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How Machine Learning Can (and Should) Support Real-Time Data Processing

How Machine Learning Can (and Should) Support Real-Time Data Processing

July 13, 2023
In the era of big data, organizations are grappling with vast amounts of information that can hold immense value if harnessed effectively. Traditional methods of real-time data processing and analysis are no longer sufficient to handle the complexity and scale of modern datasets.  That’s where machine learning comes into play. Machine learning offers powerful techniques [...]
How Will Edge and IoT Converge?

How Will Edge and IoT Converge? These Use Cases Provide Some Hints

April 19, 2023
In recent years, two rapidly developing technologies have been transforming the way organizations build and use applications: edge computing and the Internet of Things (IoT).  In the simplest terms: edge computing refers to processing data at or very close to where it’s generated; IoT refers to physical objects connected to the Internet. IoT devices have [...]
2 Key Real-Time Data Processing Use Cases to Know About

The Power of Real-Time Data Processing

April 13, 2023
Over the last ten years, there’s been a lot of talk about real-time data and real-time decisioning, and how they promise to transform how organizations operate.  Up until recently, however, “real time” didn’t actually mean “real time” — it meant something closer to “as fast as is possible with current technology.” Fast-forward a decade, and [...]
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