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The 5 Main Challenges of Cloud-Native Networking Blog Banner

The 5 Main Challenges of Cloud-Native Networking

June 22, 2023
As more and more companies move their applications and services to the cloud, breaking up monoliths into a number of microservices, networking has become a critical component of any cloud-native architecture.  However, networking in a cloud-native world can be quite complex, with a wide range of challenges that must be addressed to ensure optimal performance, [...]
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The 8 Challenges of Cloud-Native Deployments for BSS Applications

May 19, 2022
Cloud-native deployments have transformed software development. According to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s 2021 Annual Survey, 96% of organizations are using or evaluating Kubernetes. More specifically, 5.6 million developers are using Kubernetes, too — a 67%increase from just last year. Cloud-native architectures enable loosely coupled services to be scalable, manageable, and observable. When combined with [...]

Why Having a Cloud-Native Data Platform Matters for Telcos

February 25, 2021
Volt Active Data was recently added to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), a Linux Foundation subsidiary that is committed to building sustainable cloud ecosystems. As big believers in cloud-native technology, we couldn’t be more excited by the news. The CNCF maintains an interactive landscape map that details all the various technology providers that make [...]
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