As of Today, We Are Volt Active Data

As of Today, We Are Volt Active Data

February 21, 2022

It is my pleasure to announce that, as of today, we are no longer VoltDB and are now Volt Active Data. 

It’s an important move that reflects how we’ve grown as a company and also how the 5G-enabled, real-time data universe has grown in the 12 years since Volt was founded by real-time data pioneer and Turing Award winner Michael Stonebraker. 

Something I’ve learned: name changes aren’t easy. It’s never a simple endeavor to shed something you’ve had for a decade, but in this case, we needed to make a very decisive move to show the world exactly what Volt is now all about—and has really been all about this whole time: enabling companies to fully capitalize on their real-time data. 

Although Volt started as an open source in-memory database, it has rapidly evolved into a full-fledged data platform capable of performing ingest-to-action in under 10 milliseconds. But notably, it’s not just that we act quickly on data, it’s also what we’re able to do with that data in that vital 10-millisecond window—infuse it with context to ensure it’s value is maximized—that empowers industry leaders such as Amdocs, Huawei, HPE, Nokia, and so many others to continually stay one step ahead of their competitors. 

Other data platforms, such those powered by NoSQL technology, lack the power to make useful decisions by themselves. Volt empowers applications with the speed, scale, and context necessary to respond and ACT in the most appropriate manner and in real time. 

If you’re new — welcome to Volt Active Data. If you aren’t new, then know that we are not changing anything about our product or the way we serve our customers—only our name, to better reflect our core mission of enabling global enterprises to act rapidly on real-time data. 

For a deeper understanding of what our new name means, please see this blog post.

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