How Our Integration With Datadog Supports Dream11’s 5.5+ Million Concurrent Users

How Our Integration With Datadog Supports Dream11’s 5.5+ Million Concurrent Users

November 11, 2021

Volt Active Data powers the contest engine at the heart of Dream11—the largest and most exciting fantasy sports platform on the planet. Datadog’s integration with Volt Active Data enables Dream11 to monitor this core system for always-on availability and high performance – two things that are especially important right now, with the ongoing ICC T20 World Cup 2021 and the recently concluded Indian Premier League 2021 (IPL). 

One of Cricket’s top venues, the IPL, has more than 380 million active viewers and attracts roughly half of India’s entire TV-watching audience for its 60 matches every year. Dream11, which powered the full-season Official Fantasy Game for the IPL 2021 and for the ICC T20 World Cup 2021, is also hitting its stride, with over 130 million registered users generating torrents of data in millions of events per second that need to be processed in real time for users to enjoy a good fantasy sports experience. 

“The real show here is the leading data platform for speed, scalability, and resiliency joining forces with the top database monitoring platform to ensure Dream11’s Official Fantasy Game of the IPL runs smoothly,” said Volt Active Data Chief Product Officer Dheeraj Remella. 

“The IPL has a huge audience appeal and is a massive annual milestone for Dream11,” Remella added. “Before each match, there is huge transactional traffic generated from users participating in millions of contests running on Dream11 platform. Volt Active Data helps Dream11 handle thousands of events per second at times with immediate consistency. But, with the complexity of the system and speed at which the events are happening, Dream11 also needs to keep a close eye on the system for agile resource allocation during peak usage.” 

Volt Active Data’s rich observability APIs, combined with Datadog’s powerful user experience and intuitive, graphical dashboards for database monitoring, allow Dream11 to closely observe Volt Active Data in production to ensure quick actions around user threshold alerts; accelerate issue resolution; simplify operations; save time; and scale quickly and easily. 

“Every IPL, Dream11 receives enormous volumes of data as it processes about 5.5 million concurrencies and 100+ million requests per minute,” said Abhishek Ravi, Chief Information Officer, Dream11 and Dream Sports. “Volt Active Data and Datadog’s technical expertise and expert data management help us run our operations smoothly, enabling us to provide our 110+ million users with the best possible fantasy sports experience.”

Datadog’s Volt Active Data integration gives users full visibility into key database metrics and logs they can monitor to ensure cluster availability and resource availability. Once you set up the account, you have immediate access to a customizable, out-of-the-box dashboard that provides a complete overview of the health and performance of your databases, including a comprehensive overview of metrics that track available memory, query latency, stored procedure performance, and table resource usage. The dashboard also provides a log stream that lets you correlate metrics with logs related to garbage collection, client authentication, and SQL execution events. This provides rich context for any performance or capacity issues, enabling you to troubleshoot as soon as a problem occurs. 

To learn more about how Volt Active Data powers game-changing applications like Dream11 at the edge, read our Top 10 Capabilities ebook. 

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