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Volt Active Data + Kubernetes + Helm Charts for Fast Data

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Volt Active Data is the fastest, most reliable data platform for processing high-volume, business-critical data. Kubernetes is a robust orchestration suite that helps automate the management and operation of your business infrastructure. Helm charts simplify the management of Kubernetes itself. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could combine the best of all three? 

Now you can. 

Kubernetes and the High-Availability Advantage

The Volt Active Data Operator for Kubernetes and Helm charts support a wide variety of deployments to handle your fast data and fast decisions in the cloud. The ease of running in Kubernetes makes deploying and operating Volt Active Data very simple, while allowing your database infrastructure to remain flexible enough to handle a wide variety of needs for high availability, data durability, and geographic redundancy.

The simplest deployment is a single Volt Active Data cluster running with high availability (known as K-safety) on multiple pods. Single high-availability clusters give you the benefit of synchronous replication, point-in-time durability (or snapshot durability, if complete durability is not needed), and strict serializable consistency guarantees. 

The Volt Active Data Operator and Volt Active Data Helm charts support the full feature-set of Volt Active Data, including streaming importers and exporters, client API access, REST API access, and an array of bulk loaders. Support for configuring Volt Active Data Topics will soon be added.

Some applications need more complex deployments that enable failover to another availability zone, or they need to have active workloads in multiple geographies using Volt Active Data’s cross datacenter replication (XDCR) capabilities. The Volt Active Data Operator and Helm charts support and simplify this, too. The Volt Active Data Helm charts currently support three different networking options for crossing regions and availability zones: load balancers, service mesh, and NodePort.

Volt Active Data also provides a Prometheus monitoring agent. Many customers have settled on Prometheus or compatible time-series databases to collect statistics about their servers and services. Volt Active Data now ships an agent that can be launched manually, or a containerized version that you can easily deploy into Kubernetes.

The Bottom Line: Volt Active Data + Kubernetes for Fast Data at Scale

Volt Active Data in Kubernetes is a great solution for deploying your latency-dependent applications. Volt Active Data takes care of your fast data, providing transactional consistency, low latency on complex logic, scalability, and point-in-time durability. Volt Active Data also offers many options for maintaining uptime and supporting active replication across geographies.

Kubernetes gives you the ease of operations for your on-prem and cloud deployments of Volt Active Data, taking care of provisioning, scaling, and restarting down nodes and clusters. 

Contact us today to see how easy it is to run Volt Active Data and Kubernetes in the cloud.

Ruth Morgenstein