5 Reasons Why the Amdocs Acquisition of Openet is Good News for the 5G Space

Amdocs Acquires Openet

5 Reasons Why the Amdocs Acquisition of Openet is Good News for the 5G Space

July 30, 2020

Last week, Amdocs, the global leader in communications and media, acquired Openet. Here at Volt Active Data, we are thrilled and proud to hear the news! For the past 7 years, we have been the underlying data platform for the Openet solution.

While many vendors are still trying to “make things work”, Openet took the bold step of building what 5G requires and has been reaping the benefits through new business acquisition.

5G Without Compromise

Openet founder and CTO, Joe Hogan, said in the company’s press release announcing this venture, “We all look forward to the combined technology strengths of Openet and Amdocs creating new opportunities for service providers at this exciting time of 5G adoption”.
With that in mind, here’s our own summary of the technology strengths Amdocs will gain as a result of the Openet acquisition:

The Openet platform was built from the ground up to take advantage of modern technology enablers such as containerization, to offer their customers an ‘out-of-the box’ experience and a faster path to 5G transformation. Many legacy providers are attempting to adapt to this new world by simply moving existing applications and associated data to a cloud platform. Openet, by contrast, designed and built a new platform to meet today’s exacting requirements around speed, flexibility, invisible recovery, virtualization, and elastic scalability.

The Amdocs acquisition of Openet demonstrates their recognition of 5G opening up new monetization and growth opportunities beyond traditional markets. Taking advantage of these opportunities requires utilizing the near zero-latency data transfer promise of 5G, without compromising on data accuracy. Powered by Volt Active Data, Openet applications have the ability to address the entire spectrum of 5G requirements: ultra-low latency, predictable scalability, cloud-native architecture, intelligence – with accuracy and precision.

Much has been written about how 5G will enable a definitive shift from human end users to smart and not-so-smart devices. Compared to humans, these devices will be vast in number, act in milliseconds instead of seconds, and be intolerant of outages or SLA breaches. The market, however, wants to expand current techniques and methodologies out to the very edge of the network. This creates a whole new set of challenges and opportunities. Openet’s extensive experience in network monetization, charging, and policy control, allowed them to foresee the complexities that would inevitably emerge, and devise a Volt Active Data-backed product line that simultaneously meets 5G standards and the demands of a machine-to-machine connected enterprise world.

Openet realized early that 5G will require a more agile and nimble micro-services oriented architecture (rather than a monolithic application architecture) in the policy and charging space, to allow accelerated launching of new products, APIs, and platforms. By rewriting their platform and using Volt Active Data as the underlying storage & decision engine, they are able to provide template code that can be easily customized to support a wide range of applications and enable them to respond quickly to changing customer requests and requirements.

Out of control costs have been a major factor in the explosion of new (and often ‘free’) database products introduced in recent years. But businesses are now learning that lower up-front investment can quickly become irrelevant, forcing artificial hardware footprint bloat while still not meeting the core requirement of low latency event processing. Eliminating overly expensive licensing fees, applications powered by Volt Active Data require no costly specialized hardware, involve significantly less maintenance, and use resources far more efficiently.

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