Volt Active Data Releases V8

Volt Active Data Releases V8

February 07, 2018

Volt Active Data is pleased to announce V8. Our engineering team has spent the last year adding features across the product to bring you the fastest database to handle millions of decisions per second, with single-digit millisecond latencies. Volt Active Data’s customers use this power to solve real business problems that require prectibable low latency, often at very large scale, such as real-time fraud detection, mobile network call authorization, financial trade analysis and IoT sensor processing.

To support all this, Volt Active Data V8 adds new capabilities, including:

  • User-Defined SQL Functions
  • Elastic expansion of geo-distributed clusters
  • Increased security with TLS encryption
  • SQL support for traversal of graph and blockchain records with recursive Common Table Expressions
  • An upgrade to our Kafka integration to fully support Kafka V1.0

We have also expanded our commitment to Open Source. The Open Source Volt Active Data Community Edition now includes high availability, point-in-time durability and new ways to stream data into and out of Volt Active Data through integrations with a variety of technologies, such as Kafka, HDFS, JDBC, and more.

User-Defined SQL Functions to Increase the Power of SQL Language

Volt Active Data V8 supports User-Defined Functions (UDFs) to allow greater expression within the SQL language. Volt Active Data has always had stored procedures, allowing you to code your business logic using SQL statements and Java. Sometimes, however, it’s simpler or more efficient to transform your data right within the SQL. Volt Active Data’s UDFs allow you to load the function once and access it directly from SQL, giving your developers greater expressiveness and flexibility.

For an example, check out our blog post on Using UDF for Machine Learning. In the post, we demonstrate adding two machine learning classifier functions that can be applied to table data.

Powerful Open-Source Database

Volt Active Data’s Open Source offering is a powerful platform supporting fast transactions, flexible deployment in the cloud or on-premises, high availability, snapshot durability and the power of SQL. The Community edition also contains many ways to get data into and out of Volt Active Data, including integration with Kafka, Kinesis, HDFS, JDBC/ODBC, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ and more.

We offer community support on our Slack channel (https://chat.voltactivedata.com) or through Stack Overflow. Or, contact us at info@voltactivedata.com to purchase a support contract.

What’s new in Volt Active Data’s Open Source Community Version?

  • New: Full redundancy and high-availability features within a cluster. The community edition now fully supports replication, node failures and node recovery without impacting database availability.
  • New: Disk-based durability and backup through manual or automated database snapshots
  • New: Native import and export of live data, allowing you to build a real-time data pipeline through integration with external systems, including Kafka, Kinesis, HDFS, JDBC/ODBC, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ and more.

Stability, Security and Scalability to Meet the Needs of Large Enterprises

Volt Active Data continues to build and improve features used by large enterprises. Many customers in telecommunications and finance will not even consider a database that isn’t hardened against failure, secure, and able to scale to meet global demand. V8 continues to meet the needs of these large-scale, enterprise customers.

V8 adds to the security feature set with TLS encryption from client to server, between data centers and between servers in a cluster. In addition, we’ve added logging for all security changes, deployment changes and logging changes, allowing a full audit trail of when and who made changes.

Volt Active Data V8 has also increased operational flexibility in enterprise deployments. V8 supports on-the-fly expansion of clusters using Database Replication and Multi-Datacenter Replication, allowing you to grow your data centers independently as your needs grow in each geographical region.

SQL Common Table Expressions to help you traverse a Graph, Blockchain, or Ledger

Volt Active Data V8 adds new SQL Functionality for Common Table Expressions (CTEs) and Recursive CTEs that enable traversal of graphs (in the mathematical/computer science sense). Our customers are using Recursive CTEs to build Blockchain services, implementing a secure, trusted membership-based implementation of a blockchain in Volt Active Data that can transactionally apply complex policies and rules at high transaction rates and low latency.

More Integrations to help you get data into and out of Volt Active Data

Volt Active Data integrates into your stack, connecting to Kafka, HDFS, JDBC, Kinesis and more. You can easily stream data into Volt Active Data, operating on it in real-time before storing and responding to the client. In the same transaction, you can just as easily move information out to other systems, enriching it, aggregating it, de-duping it, or just streaming it directly to another system. In V8, we’ve added support for Kafka 1.0, while still supporting Kafka 0.8.2 if you’re not ready to upgrade yet.

Deploy Anywhere – Cloud, On-Premises, Virtual

Volt Active Data runs on leading cloud, virtualization and container platforms, including AWS, Google Cloud and Azure, among PaaS providers, and VMWare, KVM, Xen, etc. among virtualization technologies.

All you need to run Volt Active Data in the cloud, container or virtualized environment is a 64-bit Linux instance with enough memory (8gb recommended) and a recent enough kernel.

Download Volt Active Data V8

To sum up, we’ve spent the past year enhancing Volt Active Data to become more flexible, more secure, and more connected. Volt Active Data V8 delivers predictable high performance, 24×7, through operational maintenance events, all while transactionally processing streams of data at high rates. We’ve added User-Defined SQL functions, greater flexibility in global deployments, additional security and powerful SQL Common Table Expressions.

I encourage you to take a look at our feature list (“Changes Since the Last Release” chapter) in our release notes to get a full view of the improvements delivered over the past year.

Please download Volt Active Data V8 and give it a try. If you have an questions about Volt Active Data, send us a note at info@voltactivedata.com.

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