Announcing Volt Active Data v7.5

Announcing Volt Active Data v7.5

August 02, 2017

Volt Active Data V7.5 is now available, with a fine set of features sure to excite our customers, including:

  • Kafka updates (most requested by customers)
    1. Kafka 0.10.2 an upgrade from our previous Kafka 0.8 support. King was interested in doing this upgrade. For now, we support both versions.
    2. SSL in Kafka. The Kafka 0.10 upgrade enabled us to get SSL support – which enhances our security story even more
    3. Kafka messages going to two or more tables
  • SQL features and improvements
    1. INSERT INTO..SELECT now takes way less temp memory, enabling it to be used on very large partitioned tables (customers have wanted this for a while)
    2. More flexible placement of COUNT(*) in views
    3. Unary minus
    4. SQL functions to calculate RADIANS() and DEGREES()
  • New @Statistics QUEUE selector, to help customers and support diagnose performance issues.
  • Bug fixes and a bunch more features.

For full info, see visit our docs site, Release Notes page.

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