New guides to help you on your Fast Data Journey

New guides to help you on your Fast Data Journey

May 17, 2016

Fast Data has changed the way business value is created and captured, opening up a new era of competition and reshaping industries. But evaluating business and technology options for data is complex and rapidly evolving. For example, according to Gartner, through 2018, 90% of deployed data lakes will be useless, as they are overwhelmed with information assets captured for uncertain use cases. We posted an article recently all about “orphaned data”. Deciding which areas to invest in, how those investments deliver value, and making good technology choices is mission critical for expanding your company’s window of opportunity to capture and scale the right information quickly, accurately and consistently.

We recently concluded our Executive Webinar Series on Fast Data Strategy. This series had a distinctive business focus. In the past we have been speaking mostly with technical people — CTOs, enterprise architects, application developers. They see the technical advantages that Volt Active Data provides for their real-time applications that require instant access to accurate and complete data. But we have found that many business people are still stuck in the “big data” quagmire. They have heard about big data, perhaps have even been mandated by their executive teams to implement a big data solution, whatever that means, or perhaps worse, to figure out how to move their data warehouses to Hadoop without a clear understanding of the role both can and should play in their enterprise. In this business-focused webinar series, we spoke with key customers and partners to explore some best practices for identifying, approaching and solving fast data problems.

In case you missed it or you just want to catch it before it gets to Netflix, the link for the replay is here.

And to the main point of this posting: I’m happy to announce the availability of two new guides to help you navigate the Fast Data waters. “Fast Data in 5: Five steps to make the right moves with fast data,” is a quick and easy introduction to how to get started with Fast Data. Its bigger sibling, our lengthier strategy guide: “Fast Data Choices: Five Steps for Evaluating Alternative Business and Technology Options,” provides more details and more advice for mining fast data for real business value.

Use these documents to see how the power of fast data can be yours – quickly and painlessly – with the help of Volt Active Data.

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