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  • With v8, Volt Active Data Introduces the World’s Fastest Translytical Database for Powering Real-Time Decisions

With v8, Volt Active Data Introduces the World’s Fastest Translytical Database for Powering Real-Time Decisions

Enterprise Data Platform Delivers Enhanced Security Capabilities for Immediate, Accurate and Actionable Decision-making

BEDFORD, Mass. – Feb 7, 2018 Volt Active Data, the enterprise-class translytical database that powers business-critical applications, today announced the latest version of its flagship solution.

Organizations across a broad range of industries, including telecommunications, financial services, mobile gaming and advertising, are ingesting higher volumes of data that require intelligent and always-accurate real-time analysis to drive improved operations, customer experiences and ultimately bottom-line performance.

The new version of Volt Active Data (Volt Active Data v8) delivers more predictable, long-tail latency responses based on real-time data and historical intelligence, improving real-time processing and offering self-service analysis. This enables organizations to more quickly and intelligently act on incoming data throughout the enterprise, identifying new trends and making in-transaction decisions in milliseconds. In addition, the Volt Active Data data platform now features enhanced SQL and security capabilities for maintaining data integrity and speed.

With User Defined SQL Functions (UDFs), which enable organizations to add custom logic to the SQL language, Volt Active Data delivers the power and speed to identify anomalies before it impacts their business. For instance, financial institutions can now benefit from custom functions that contain fraud detection logic in addition to machine learning and classification models to detect and prevent fraud in real time.

Volt Active Data also offers more SQL capabilities, including recursive CTE support to help with blockchain querying and support for Kafka 1.0. New security features enable transport layer security (TLS) between cluster nodes and between DR clusters for encryptying data to secure communications within a datacenter or across datacenters.

“While enterprise organizations have no shortage of real-time data, they continue to struggle with taking immediate action on that data before opportunities are lost,” said Ruth Morgenstein, VP of Engineering at Volt Active Data. “Volt Active Data empowers organizations to ingest and analyze high transactional throughput with low latency to make immediate and accurate decisions that positively impact their business.”


Volt Active Data v8.0 is currently available for immediate download here. For more information or to request a quote, please contact sales [at] voltactivedata.com.

About Volt Active Data

Volt Active Data provides the only in-memory translytical database for applications that require an unprecedented combination of data scale, real-time analytics, volume and accuracy. Volt Active Data supports all three modern application data requirements: Volt Active Data processes data points from millions of users and sources; ingests, analyzes and acts on data in milliseconds; and data managed by Volt Active Data is always accurate for all decisions. Organizations rely on Volt Active Data to build and modernize applications that drive business and operational insights. Volt Active Data was founded by a team of world-class database experts, including Dr. Michael Stonebraker, winner of the ACM Turing award.

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