Run safely and reliably in any multi-cloud environment to take full advantage of your cloud-based architecture—without compromising on latency.

With public cloud service spending now surpassing a staggering $400 billion and nearly half of the global IT infrastructure in the cloud, you need a reliable cloud architecture to ensure your applications perform as intended while becoming (and staying) future-proof.

The Cloud Challenge

Microservices and cloud-based application deployments offer unprecedented flexibility and scalability. However, any cloud-native deployment comes with a host of potential issues that could sink your IT investments long before they’ve had a chance to produce results. These issues include:

  • Pod failure
  • Cluster failure
  • Host machine failure
  • Datacenter failure
  • Insecure data transfer

Not to mention the forcing of too many round trips between the application services and the data services, resulting in unnecessary latency and potential data loss.

How Volt Supports Cloud-Native Deployment Strategies

Volt Active Data was built from the ground up to efficiently use resources such as compute, network, and storage, to help you meet cloud-native architecture requirements.

Volt ensures your data layer can provide both predictable scalability (out and up) and low-latency. We also ensure your data is processed as quickly and efficiently as possible, while saving on infrastructure costs, by not forcing you to move large amounts of data between the data layer and the application layer.

Volt provides in-memory speeds with durability guarantees while staying highly available with a distributed architecture, ensuring the data is replicated for redundancy and low latency.

Volt can operate in any type of cloud environment and supports K8s Operator, AWS, GCP, and Redhat Openshift.

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