No Compromises

No Limits. No Drama. No Compromises.

Scale, low latency, immediate consistency, 100% accuracy, and guaranteed resiliency. Who says you can’t have it all?

Which one are you compromising on to deploy your real-time applications?








Stack Simplification


Volt enables companies to capitalize on real-time data, without sacrificing any of the above.

Limitless Performance for Your Application

5G, IoT, edge, and other trends have changed the rules for data-dependent enterprises. The gauntlet is clear: process data at a massive scale to achieve measurable business outcomes or risk losing ground  to competitors who can do more with their data.

Streaming has made scaling possible—but at what cost? Whether it’s monetizing data directly through hyper-personalization, proactively preventing fraud and intrusion, avoiding catastrophic downtime, or reducing opex through hyper-automation, very few businesses have figured out how to derive business value at scale. 

No matter your industry or application, thriving in the new world of 5G, IoT, and whatever comes next means doing things AT SCALE without doing them poorly.

Volt is the only platform delivering scale, low latency, immediate consistency, and guaranteed resiliency in a simplified, edge-optimized architecture.

Business Overview

Achieve better business outcomes and a better bottom line.

Volt’s unique, no-compromise capability results in an impeccable experience, meaning:

  • Fast
  • Personalized
  • Hyper-automated
  • And uninterrupted

In other words, no drama.

That’s the Volt value.

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