Business Support Systems (BSS)

Business Support Systems (BSS)

Enable charging accuracy and network policy efficiency with the only data platform built for 5G.

Never leave money—or bandwidth—on the table.


As data volumes increase and latencies decrease, policy applications are having trouble keeping up.


If you can’t efficiently charge for millions of users interacting with thousands of different streaming services at once, you are missing monetization opportunities.


Legacy RDBMS and NoSQL solutions can’t scale to the transaction levels made possible by 5G or cope with inevitable problems such as multiple devices trying to use credit at the same moment.

How Volt Active Data Supports Amdocs

Amdocs handles call authorization and billing for mobile networks all over the world. Their existing database technology was too expensive to license and operate, and was neither cloud nor virtualization friendly.

Learn how they found a data platform that could operate at scale with telco-grade high availability while hitting their long-tail predictable latency target.

Business Overview

Volt Active Data — The Only Data Platform Built for 5G BSS

Volt Active Data lets major mobile operators use real-time data to run their digital and 5G businesses.

Analyzing data in real time allows you to instantly control and manage networks and applications, leading to more opportunities to engage with new customers and drive revenue.

Volt Active Data allows operators to check user credit and record device usage using durable and scalable transactions in real time, and prevents scenarios where calls are allowed when no credit exists.

Volt Active Data also manages cases where shared plans result in multiple devices attempting to use credit at the same moment in time, using a specialized architecture that allows highly demanded resources to be shared efficiently.

Monetizing 5G: 5 Ways Volt Active Data is Transforming BSS

5G is rapidly changing the game for CSPs. As they scramble to support an increasingly demanding customer base and a torrent of new data from applications and devices, their legacy technology is outmatched by the data volume and required data accuracy that modern 5G-driven applications and process automation demand.

Watch our latest video to see how Volt Active Data is transforming BSS with the only no-compromise data platform built to handle the demands of modern policy and charging within the 5G telco infrastructure.

Why Your Telco Database Isn’t Ready for 5G

As service providers race to establish new services and revenue streams made possible by the convergence of 5G and IoT, the deficiencies of 4G and legacy tech are exposed as yesterday’s BSS solutions fail to:

  • Extract value in true real-time
  • Meet the needs of changing customer behavior and skyrocketing data consumption
  • Address the unexpected costs, complexity, and security issues of open source frameworks
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