OEM-Friendly for Software Vendors

Focus on what matters most: getting your products to market quickly without breaking the bank or worrying about how or if they will work.

Losing Business is Not an Option

How many RFPs are you losing because your application requires elaborate, customer-specific configurations and constant ongoing tuning to operate at the scale your customers demand?

Developing a commercially viable real-time application for today’s world is difficult enough, with requirements for scale, latency, consistency, and resiliency getting ever more demanding. Your product doesn’t just need to ‘check all the boxes’. It also needs to be fully ‘OEMable’, meaning easily and inexpensively packaged and scaled, with no headaches around installation and maintenance.

Business Overview

A Hyperscaler-Agnostic Data Platform That Just Makes Sense

Volt is a low-maintenance, easily scalable, boringly reliable, hyperscaler-agnostic data platform that requires very little caring and feeding. It needs minimal customer-specific tuning and uses a rules-based optimizer that makes SQL execution plans unchangeable after compilation.

For software vendors working with Kafka, Volt can handle both synchronous and asynchronous requests in 1-2ms while appearing to be and behaving like a Kafka cluster on your network, thus enabling you to consolidate multiple separate subsystems into a single platform.

2 Billion Users Worldwide and Growing

Volt has a proven track record of successful OEM-based deployments. About 90% of our deployments are via independent software vendors delivering pre-packaged applications built on top of Volt to handle a wide range of use cases and running on anonymous commodity hardware.

Volt is a proven OEM data management platform:

  • Every day 2 billion people directly or indirectly use applications powered by Volt
  • We’re an integral part of the phone system in many different countries
  • We’re classified as ‘critical national infrastructure’ for energy management in a G8 country
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