eBook: Big Data — Velocity in Plain English

Volt Active Data Big Data Ebook

eBook: Big Data — Velocity in Plain English

February 13, 2018

Volt Active Data Big Data EbookBig data has been around for a while, and while many people and companies understand the benefits of utilizing big data, they are increasingly running into a problem: traditional big data just isn’t fast enough. Answers and insights are good in theory, but they are increasingly useless unless found and applied immediately.

While there are a number of answers to the speed problem, they can be confusing and obtuse. To “unthrottle” your application and make sense of these solutions, download now and join Data Warehouse Solution Architect John Ryan as he examines:

  • Typical applications where current solutions just aren’t good enough
  • A theoretical data processing pipeline
  • The pros and cons of Lambda Architecture
  • The NewSQL Lambda replacement
  • And more!

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