Why Volt Active Data

Why Volt Active Data

Because we hate to see good data go to waste.

Future-proof your customer management, revenue assurance, billing mediation, IIoT, policy control, and online charging applications.

Where We Sit in the Stack

Volt Active Data is a data platform built to make your entire tech stack leaner, faster, and less expensive, so that your applications (and your company) can scale seamlessly to meet the ultra-low latency SLAs of 5G, IoT, edge computing, and whatever comes next. 

Designed to augment your existing big data investments, such as NoSQL, Hadoop, Kubernetes, Kafka, and traditional databases or data warehouses, Volt Active Data replaces the various layers typically required to make contextual decisions on streaming data with a single, unified layer that can handle ingest to action in less than 10 milliseconds.

Built for Speed + Accuracy—No Compromises

While the Volt Active Data Platform was designed for almost any situation involving latency-dependent applications that need to act on streaming data in real time, it is especially useful for telecommunications companies, which often require quick, intelligent decisions without compromising on data accuracy. We’re the only data platform capable of sub 10-millisecond contextual decisioning while maintaining data accuracy and consistency. 

Not every company in the world needs us, but the ones that do really need us and can’t survive without our technology. 

Global communications service providers (CSPs) are already taking advantage of Volt Active Data’s advanced capabilities to roll out new revenue-generating applications, transform their business and operational support systems, or develop strategic integrations for their enterprise customers.

Discover why Volt Active Data is the data platform of choice for leading enterprises across the globe that use latency-dependent applications for their mission-critical processes.

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