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STL Partners Report – Monetizing 5G

How IT/OT Convergence Will Enable New 5G Business Models

Real-time decisioning intelligence is critical to telco operators’ future, as much for enabling internal efficiencies as for empowering customers to capitalize on new, 5G-related monetization opportunities.

But the evolving customer requirements, particularly in light of IoT and massive machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, means that telcos are increasingly needing to handle informational and operational data together. This confluence of IT with OT — and its proper handling — imply the unlocking or rapid evolution of certain real-time decision intelligence-related capabilities.

STL Partners has developed an in-depth report exploring these capabilities and how they relate to the new world of 5G data, including:

  • The “unspoken reality” of 5G monetization
  • The four main use cases required to unlock the full value of 5G
  • Five practical tips on how to rapidly evolve these capabilities
  • Why real-time decision intelligence is the future for telco operators