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The 5G Opportunity

What Is 5G Monetization?

5G network slicing can be monetized in a variety of ways, through partnerships with Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), infrastructure partners, Over The Top (OTT) providers, and vertical industries. This new technology offers great potential for businesses, business models, and service providers to create innovative bundles.

The Digital Tools and Strategies that Support 5G Monetization

  • API strategy: CSPs need to confidently and securely work with partners to extend their 5G network. Through application programming interfaces (APIs), partners can connect to a CSP’s 5G network. Information is shared freely and securely through the API to deliver fast service.
  • Business support service (BSS): BSS systems allow CSPs to combine APIs with external partners. They may also offer the logic required for partners to set up, price, and quote services all on one platform.
  • Developer ecosystems: The value chain will be modified, expanded, and customized to meet the unique needs of each industry and category. To enable the network, developers will need to rely on trusted ecosystems that allow them to develop swiftly while also assisting the firm in developing new solutions for each use case.
  • It requires bringing database and stream processing together, at the edge, to address the entire event data management cycle from ingestion to storage to decision. 
  • It requires applying sophisticated rules, algorithms, and machine learning models to massive streams of event data, applying that analysis to detect exceptions, and then making a decision. 
  • And finally, it requires doing all of the above in real-time (ie, within 10 milliseconds), consistently and accurately.

Which is exactly what Volt Active Data enables, and we are the only data platform that can do it.

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