Six Use Cases of Real-Time Decisioning

As humans, we are hardwired to want things now. Instant gratification impulses are a powerful force, and the current real-time economy reflects this. Transactions between business parties are digitized, increasingly automated (ie, M2M communication, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning), and completed in real time. Satisfying this need for instant gratification in tandem with optimal business value is leading a big surge in vendors trying to create a new breed of applications that use real-time decisioning.

But real-time decisioning is impossible without the right kind of foundational data platform supporting your applications’ ability to quickly ingest and act on data. Without a platform that can actively support your data needs by providing contextual intelligence and ensuring you use only what’s needed (as far as data), you will end up right where you left off: slowly falling behind the disruptors.

This paper provides six use cases for real-time decisioning and real-world examples of how businesses are making the most of their streaming and 5G-enabled data using the Volt Active Data Platform.

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