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STL Partners Report – The CIO’s Guide to 5G as a Growth Engine

The real 5G revenue opportunity lies in new enterprise use cases such as network slicing. But sadly, most of today’s telco business support systems aren’t ready for a truly 5G future. They lack the ability to:

  • Monitor dynamic services for device volumes at scale
  • Support low latency, real-time processing
  • Meet 5G standards and adopt open frameworks
  • Properly orchestrate their systems for 5G

And more.

Yes — 5G offers the potential for massive business growth over the next five years via new revenue streams. But to unlock these new growth engines, most companies are going to need to significantly revamp their tech stacks and change the way they approach key telco technologies, such as billing and charging systems.

This joint report with STL Partners highlights the challenges today’s telcos face in monetizing 5G and the specific steps they can start to take, right now, to best prep their IT architectures for success in the 5G age.

Download the report to find out.

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