Active(SD) for Kafka and Streaming Data

Monetize Kafka Streaming Data with Active(SD)™

Volt Active Data’s Active(SD) lets you make complex, real-time decisions on your streaming data.

Your streaming data is only increasing in volume and number of sources.

Intelligent Decisions

True Real Time


At Scale

No Downtime

With the right kind of data platform, you can easily capitalize on this influx of Kafka data instead of being overwhelmed by it.

Handling Streaming Data at Scale

Receiving tens of thousands of events per second is the ‘new normal’. Amazing tools like Kafka have exponentially increased the scale of streaming data but also created complex problems and outpaced companies’ ability to process data in real time. At the same time, many applications now require events to be handled separately, one record at a time, which can overwhelm systems.

The volume and complexity of event-based data entering systems makes it essential to stay up-to-date, as falling behind can quickly become unmanageable.

Simply put: If you can’t keep up with your data, your systems will go down, and so will your applications.

Solution Brief


To make your streaming data usable for business goals and drive revenue, your data platform must allow you to both correlate data from the multiple streams in real time and add complex decisioning to it. This can only be achieved by storing and then intelligently using, at just the right time, data from previous events. But this isn’t easy to do, given that data streams often come from multiple sources and at different rates and different points in time.

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Active(SD) can handle massive volumes of streaming data (at least 10K TPS per second per core) without taking a breath. By ‘handle’ we mean remaining ‘stateful’, which means we can make intelligent decisions on streaming data in real time—decisions that involve tracking state and working with shared, finite resources.

Active(SD) is also wire protocol level-compatible with Kafka, which means we can handle millions of records per second while pretending to be a Kafka cluster.

Intelligent Streaming Data at Scale

A Canadian multinational IT consulting and systems integration company uses Volt for smart metering, enabling its customers to intelligently communicate with meters through hundreds of different messages, many involving complex rules. Thanks to Volt, this company can automate the meter-reading process, combining real-time transactions with queues and intelligent logic while maintaining high availability at all times.

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