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Volt + Kafka for Solution Architects

Evolve from ‘moving data at scale’ to making real-time decisions on increasingly complex data streams.

Kafka is a powerful messaging queue that has become a core component of many enterprises’ tech stacks. But using Kafka to the fullest, especially in a time when 5G, IoT, and machine learning are amping up data volume, velocity, and complexity, is not an easy task, and many companies are finding their Kafka investments in dire need of some TLC as they struggle to keep up with the data scale and velocity that Kafka brings.

Volt is an ultra high-speed decision making engine that will allow companies to apply the power of the Volt Active Data Platform to problems that can’t be solved by other Kafka ecosystem products.

Read this solution brief to learn:

  • Why companies struggle so much with Kafka
  • How Volt solves Kafka challenges
  • The specific architecture of Volt + Kafka