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Volt Active Data Powers Openet BSS Application Framework

Volt Active Data Powers Openet BSS Application Framework

Major Service Provider Cuts Latencies to Under 20 Milliseconds

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Recently acquired by Amdocs, Openet is a leading independent supplier of real-time business support systems (BSS) to communication service providers (CSPs).

Openet’s systems process and rapidly analyze massive volumes of streaming data in real time to ensure that more than 600 million mobile telecommunications users around the world enjoy the best network and data experience possible while enabling mobile operators to monetize data use and prevent fraud in real time.

Since its founding in 1999, Openet has been at the forefront of telecommunications software development and innovation. This is characterized by its open platform, domain experience, and engineering expertise. Its success is evident in the many long-term relationships it has fostered with the largest, most progressive and demanding telecommunications service providers across the globe.

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The Challenge

The Challenge

Mobile operators across the globe face the challenge of keeping up with the explosion of data brought by 5G and IoT. In trying to cope with these issues, they have increasingly turned to virtualization to improve flexibility and reduce operational overhead.

Openet has been at the vanguard of virtualization with many successfully deployed solutions scaling to meet the needs of the world’s leading Tier 1 service providers.

Openet FusionWorks is the advanced software architecture upon which all of the company’s solutions are built, enabling seamless integration, centralization of common functionalities, and support for custom logic. Fusionworks delivers a modular environment to support configurations that can meet any service provider’s unique policy, charging, and mediation needs.

To better adapt to the world of 5G and IoT, Openet required a more powerful data platform for Fusionworks.

The Solution

The Solution

In 2012, Openet selected Volt Active Data as the logical choice for a data platform capable of supporting the real-time demands of mobile data.

“We wanted to move toward a higher-performance, in-memory database that could combine the capabilities of an operational database, real-time analytics, and stream processing in one easy-to-use platform,” said Openet Director of Product Development, Oisin Loftus. “We also needed a database that was elastically scalable and could grow and contract as needed.”

With Volt Active Data, Openet can now offer transactional, database-oriented applications against data feeds that were previously limited to stream processing methods.

Since Openet solutions are always inline in a service provider’s call path, Openet required transaction latencies of less than 20 milliseconds, so performance and scalability were major requirements.

“Volt Active Data offers the TCO, performance, and scalability we need while enabling us to handle fast data and the real-time feeds of service provider traffic,” Loftus said.

The Results

The Results

By integrating Volt Active Data’s in-memory database infrastructure to support its wide range of business support systems, Openet has been able to scale and automate real-time decisions.

Volt Active Data has allowed Openet to maximize performance, elasticity, and utilization of its application framework model.

“Volt Active Data has been very responsive to our needs and continues to work closely with our engineers to help us meet our goals,” said Loftus. “At Openet, we have high expectations, and we’ve driven Volt Active Data into domains that are new to them and the Volt Active Data development team has responded well. The product is very good and continues to evolve, and the Volt Active Data team continues to work closely with us to address the real-time database demands of major service providers.”

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