Zero-Lag Streaming Aggregation


Aggregate KPI-related data in real time to drive revenue and organizational efficiency.

Streaming. Aggregation. Zero lag. It’s potentially a lot of jargon for some of you, so let’s put it into plain English:

You can act faster than ever before to drive business performance and efficiency.

The Zero-Lag Challenge

Every enterprise has key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure and monitor the performance and efficiency of their business process. 

In a connected digital enterprise, the data used to measure these KPIs comes in fast and furious, making it easy to miss

This high volume of data is perfect for fostering an accurate view of core business KPIs, but only if you can process it in real time and not in batches.

The Power of Zero-Lag Streaming Aggregation

Zero-lag streaming aggregation means no essential KPI-related data is lost and all of it can be made actionable. 

By aggregating KPI-related data in real time, Volt Active Data detects and records any noteworthy behavior, such as deviations from the norm, the moment it happens. This information can then be immediately acted upon to drive revenue and organizational efficiency.

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