Monetized Streaming Data

Monetized Streaming Data

Optimize your streaming data so that it’s always working for your business objectives.

Your streaming data is only increasing in volume and number of sources.

With the right kind of data platform, you can capitalize on this streaming data influx instead of being overwhelmed by it.

The Streaming Data Challenge

For the sake of efficiency, streaming data typically only contains information about specific events.

To establish meaningful context for these events, your data platform needs to be able to augment the streaming data in various ways before it loses its value (ie, in real time).

This isn’t easy to do, given that data streams often come from multiple sources and at different rates and different points in time.

How Volt Active Data Helps You Monetize Streaming Data

To make your streaming data usable for business goals and driving revenue, your data platform must allow you to correlate and align data from the multiple streams in real time. 

This can only be achieved by storing and then intelligently using, at just the right time, data from previous events.   

Volt provides a unified platform for aligning and correlating data streams via features such as importers, native topics, an in-memory relational database, real-time materialized views, and stored procedures.

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