Real-Time Decisioning

Real-Time Decisioning

Empower your applications to act on all relevant data before it loses any value.

True Real Time Defined:

Ingest, Analyze, and ACT ON event data in under 10 milliseconds.

True Real Time

Intelligent Decisions

The Real-Time Challenge

Data is only useful if it is driving decisions and actions to drive revenue, prevent revenue leakage, and improve business processes

But decision-making is a complex activity. The actual decision, and the subsequent action it drives, typically requires data generated from many sources and events, some of which have already happened and some of which are happening right now.

This requires the ability to ingest raw event data the moment it is created and aggregate it with past events to generate higher-level information. By turning raw events into knowledge, you can measure things critical to your business, detect anomalies, decide what to do and then act—all within single-digit milliseconds.

Solution Brief

How Volt Active Data Supports Real-Time Decisioning

Volt’s unified data platform enables decisions to be made in real time (ie, in under 10 milliseconds) without compromising on data accuracy or consistency. 

We achieve this by combining ultra-low latency stream processing and native topics with the state-based persistence of an in-memory database and the contextual intelligence of machine learning and advanced analytics. 

Together, these capabilities enable your applications to quickly pinpoint anomalies and constantly learn, re-learn, and adjust—at scale. 

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