– Annual Industry Survey 2020

2020 was as challenging for telcos and communications services providers (CSPs) as it was for most other industries, but it wasn’t necessarily all doom and gloom. In fact, a large percentage of CSPs and their various interconnecting parts—including operators, vendors, and systems integrators—are very optimistic about 2021, and some even reported positive outcomes from 2020.

This year’s Telecoms.Com Annual Industry Survey queried 500 telco industry professionals on the status of their companies, their feelings about how 2020 transpired for telcos, the technologies they’re investing in, the trends they see building, and the trends they see fading away.

Read it to learn:

  • Where telcos stand with 5G and how 2020 has changed the 5G outlook
  • If new service offerings like QoS are on the docket and expected ROI
  • How COVID-19 affected all types of digital transformation investments for telcos
  • Where and why the telco industry is hitting snags around technologies like broadband, edge intelligence, automation, and cloud
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