Powering Telco in the Age of 5G

Because Milliseconds Matter

Volt Active Data is a high-velocity decisioning engine, proven to power real-time applications that must react in single-digit milliseconds to drive revenue or prevent revenue loss.

This core competency is absolutely necessary in the telecommunications industry. Where the introduction of 5G, combined with the explosive growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), is driving a massive increase in data volume, velocity, and variety. Meeting the scale, latency and transaction consistency levels made possible by 5G is simply not possible with legacy solutions alone.

In this gap between 5G-driven SLA requirements on the one side and legacy system shortcomings on the other, lies the power of Volt Active Data to digitally transform your business. Our platform’s unique capabilities allow it to handle telco’s complex, high-velocity data requirements better than anyone else.

Volt Active Data is especially effective for these application use cases:

  • Business Support Systems
  • Billing Mediation Systems
  • Customer Management
  • Revenue Assurance

Designed to augment telco-space enterprises’ previous big data investments, such as NoSQL, Hadoop, and traditional data warehouses, as well as messaging investments such as Kafka, Volt Active Data empowers enterprises to trigger crucial in-event decisions on complex streaming data, at scale, in under 10 milliseconds, and without compromising on data accuracy—to drive revenue or prevent revenue loss in real time.

Read our corporate overview to learn how Volt Active Data is powering telco in the age of 5G.

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