Getting Ready for 5G Service Delivery with PCF Webinar

New 5G services and applications will require CSPs to draw on multiple sources of network information to optimize resource allocation — and that means tech stacks must be able to optimize 5G-based policy control function (PCF). Explore how PCF is evolving from PCRF and why it is key to service delivery in the 5G era with Domenico Convertino, VP Product Management Telco & Media, HPE and Volt Active Data Chief Product Officer Dheeraj Remella.

HPE and Volt Active Data industry experts discuss:

  • The current PCF landscape, including the evolution from PCRF to PCF.
  • How CSPs are optimizing PCF to gain a competitive advantage.
  • How to expand the role of PCF to support use cases ranging from network slicing to fixed mobile convergence to dynamic backhaul policies for industrial IoT use cases and assured quality of service.
  • Why real-time data in the evolution of PCF is critical to the success of enterprises using 5G-based applications.

View the on-demand webinar now to learn how HPE and Volt Active Data are supporting leading CSP’s in optimizing policy and charging functions that deliver flexibility and innovation to the next generation of 5G applications.

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